2018 - Present

Software Developer

Cause Strategy Partners

New York, United States

  • Designed and coded an application in an agile environment utilising a test-driven development approach that has helped reduce bugs drastically.
  • Built the nonprofit scoring tool that eases the selection of qualified nonprofits
  • Built dynamic email templates that helped the admin to edit and validate emails with their corresponding variables/placeholders before sending out to nonprofits, corporate partners, and board leaders
  • Improved the overall loading time of the application by using Ajax pagination to load n(number i.e 20, 50, etc) records per page. I also optimised the queries to use raw SQL which improves the loading time by 80%. I also manage the frontend assets with Webpack which help to compress the file size.

2017 - 2018

Software Developer

Waldo Contacts

London, United Kingdom

  • Integrated Klaviyo newsletter plugin on the application that allows us to reach out to more customers about and updates on the contact lenses
  • Built a blog portal for customers to find more information about the product and other related pieces of information
  • Built a feature that helped customers find the nearest optometrist shop closest to them which has helped product recommendation by 10%
  • Integrated UK Address and Postal code plugin that helped product delivery to correct addresses by 20% and customer retention by 5%

2016 - 2017

Software Developer


Leuven, Belgium

  • Implemented payment gateways for easy payment which led to about 10% increase in revenue Single-handedly built bank rules fuzzy logic system that provides the users with the comfort of reconciling their bank statements into the application, which has led to about 5% increase revenue and about a 10% increase in customers switch from other accounting applications Built payment breakdown of invoices and made sending them to clients easy and this feature is one of the most used on the application
  • Implemented OAuth2 workflow to ensure security for the API endpoints
  • Built invoice reminder that reminds the client when their invoices are due for payment
  • Drove the redesign of the application layout and migration of the accounting application from bootstrap 3 to bootstrap 4

2014 - 2015

Programmer II


Ilorin, Nigeria

  • Built job recruitment portal
  • Integrate Education software with a custom built website
  • Co-built an hotel reservation application
  • A trainer helping to impact web development skills

2015 - 2015

FullStack Developer

Hoog Consults

Ilorin, Nigeria

  • Built a mobile payroll application
  • Built a custom website for where people can render and get help